• Pam Whims

Island Eggs

If you are new to Camano Island or just visitng, have you ever wondered what is in those ice chests at the side of the road? Or better yet, what the heck are those little yes/no signs for? Well, I am told that Camano Island has some of the best farm fresh eggs and happiest chickens ever! In fact these chicks are so happy and lay so many eggs that their owners have decided to share with all of you! The little ice chests you see on the side of the road will often have farm fresh eggs in them. The little yes/no sign will let you know if there are eggs available that day. All this is based on the good old honor system. Take what you want and pay by putting your money in the little boxes provided. Now, how cool is that? Next time you see a YES next to the ice chest, pull your car over and get yourself some farm fresh eggs, you will be so happy you did!

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